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$ 19.99

Prosciutto - Santi Superfoods
Prosciutto - Santi Superfoods Prosciutto - Santi Superfoods

$ 19.99

12 pack of 100% Human Grade dehydrated dog treats made with prosciutto (a dry-cured ham so ridiculously delicious that the Italians have started wars over it) and superfoods including beets and açai.

  • Human Grade - We believe that dog treat ingredients should be the best of human ingredients not the byproducts post human processing and that treats should be carefully crafted at the highest standards.
  • 100% natural - no preservatives, no food coloring, no added flavors.
  • Minimal ingredients - recognizable fruits, vegetables, seeds and AMAAAAZING proteins.
  • Made in the USA – and proud of it.
  • Grain free and by-product free - no fillers! Truthfully, this shouldn’t even be highlighted but they are common ingredients in other pet treats. 

We encourage you to compare our ingredient list to other dog treats, and even to human treats!

If you don’t know what "meal", "flavors", "pomace", "cellulose" or other unfamiliar ingredients in other pets treat are, google them – we were shocked to find out.

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